Often ostracized by her peers for being an 'awkward black girl', Aliya Brooks’ world was closed externally, but it allowed for her imagination to soar. Producing her first play at twelve years old piqued her interest, but it wasn't until her third year in nursing school, that Brooks picked up the pen and began her writing journey. 

The ability of her words to influence a people fueled her, so poetry became her muse. Graduating nursing school, did not prove enough for Brooks, who felt the need to write and explore impactful black characters; the misfits, the stereotypes, and everything in between. Her goal: to normalize the black experience in America. With that, Brooks wrote, directed and produced two short films: She Knows and InQueeries. After being mentioned in the New York Times, She Knows, her first film,  along with InQueeries, made their run around the film festival circuit. 

In addition to the aforementioned, Brooks, along with other female identifying filmmakers around the globe, was invited to join a Chicago playwright panel, to select the best playwright who pushed forth 'Sapphic centric' narratives, and eventually have their run time time in Chicago's live theatre scene.

Assisting Emmy Nominated director, Dee Rees on an Oscars commercial, that highlighted women in film, has catapulted Brooks on the scene, affording her hands on experience with reputable filmmakers. She is currently working on an episodic series, entitled Discovering Brooklynn, that will tackle taboo subjects, and push forth more relatable underrepresented characters.